I create an app within a month.
From a simple idea to a final product.

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Hi, I'm Lailo!

#Switzerland #SoftwareEngineer #UXDesigner #Minimalist #Perfectionist #DigitalNomad #HireMe #Traveler #BigDreams #Freelancer

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Currently not working on a new app.
Wish my day had more than 24h.

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#01 doopaa

Beautiful retro design and gorgeous animations make this game the perfect on the go game.


  • UI Animations
  • Game Center

#02 Expenses With Friends

Manage expenses with friends without any trouble. This app is easy and quick to use. You won't stop using it like others!


  • Core Data
  • Social Sharing
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#03 Get It Done

You have big goals but don't know how to get started? Use this app to break it down to small daily tasks. With its minimalist design and intuitive gestures, you'll love using it.


  • Plist Data
  • Custom Cell

#04 Daily Vitamin

A lot of famous people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have shared their lessons learned. Now it's time to share yours!


  • Backend Service
  • Social Sharing
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