In 2015, I'll create each month a new iOS App.
From a simple idea to a final product.

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Hi, I'm Lailo!

#Switzerland #SoftwareEngineer #UXDesigner #Minimalist #Perfectionist #DigitalNomad #HireMe #Traveler #BigDreams #Freelancer

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I believe that everyone should be able to program.
With this project, I am going to prove, that there is no magic behind the steps from an idea to a final app.

I will share my experinces with blog posts on and open source some parts of my code on

- sharing is caring -

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#01 doopaa

Beautiful retro design and gorgeous animations make this game the perfect on the go game.


  • UI Animations
  • Game Center

#02 Expenses With Friends

Manage expenses with friends without any trouble. This app is easy and quick to use. You won't stop using it like others!


  • Core Data
  • Social Sharing
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#03 Get Things Done

Work in progress..


  • Today Widget
  • Local Notifications